Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello World... Again

So I had a blog, hosted elsewhere, called Decoy's Poetry.

Somehow I, being the non-tech savvy person I am, managed to delete said blog, and have yet to find where I might have backed it up.

This is probably no great loss, both of us, who read my blogs, know that there where not that many posts, however I will continue to search for the back up, as I seem to recall at least one poem that I composed directly on the blog.

I hope to someday find this, "Lost Poem of Decoy".

In the mean time here is a verse to start the new version of this blog:

A mind that wanders, to and fro,
will it return? And even so,
if it shall, will I know?

That is it for now...

One verse composed on the fly,
hopefully not to be deleted,
as were blogs of days gone by.

OK. Perhaps two.

See you both here again soon, or not if past blogs are an indicator.